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October 21, 2013


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How annoying they keep hiding this! I have found it through link along bottom of screen to Settings. It's now in there.


The cog is to the far right of the screen, if you click the advanced search is still there.

Katherine Bertolucci

They're not the only ones. The Phoenix Public Library recently "upgraded" their OPAC. It still has Advanced Search but without the same functionality as Basic Search. For example, you cannot sort a results list achieved through one of the Advanced Search techniques.

This attack on information skills is not new. Clay Shirky once commented that the tags "movie" and "film" do not need to be coordinated because people who use "movie" do not want to see what people who use "film" want to see.

David Weinberger, in “Everything Is Miscellaneous,” falsified data to imply that libraries still use card catalogs and don't include subject headings in the catalog record. See my “Searcher” article (02/2009), "Beyond Findability: Organizing in the Age of the Miscellaneous."

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