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January 13, 2014


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belinda mcneill

Am I the only person who feels that technology in its infancy was dynamic and something we all couldn't quite finish learning about, but now however, feels like something out of an aged film creeping ever closer, circling playing havoc with our lives?
Yes this is interesting and very slightly 'It's getting closer - run!!'
Thanks Phil. I think It's time to run your own detective agency!!

Sheila Thomas

I tried this at the weekend but it only analysed by gmail address which touched a tiny fraction of my emailing activity since Prestel days. The tool could be useful a useful way to demo the power of metadata to the unconvinced.


This is really interesting, Phil. I think I disagree with Belinda. I don't feel it's intrusive at all. It doesn't take off with email content or personal information, other than dates etc. I think it could be a good tool if used properly. Big Brother is watching. And has been for a long time. I think we are learning to evolve in a world where privacy has taken on a new meaning. Thanks!

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