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January 26, 2014


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Coca Cola have a pretty universal "swear" filter that they use, not because they think the word "gay" is a swear word, but because they don't want people using their online productions to write crass and hateful messages either (such as "die gays").

Phil Bradley

Sorry Lee, that doesn't work. It's ok to use the word 'Black' but not 'Gay'. So working on that logic, Coca Cola is ok for people to write 'Die Blacks' - it's not getting any better is it.


Why can't I share a Coke with my friend Gay? http://www.babynamewizard.com/baby-name/girl/gay

It lets me share a Coke with my friend Gaynor...


"Gay" used to be a not uncommon girl's name. I knew a few girls called Gay when I was young. Presumably Coca Cola don't want us to be friendly with them any more.


I wonder if they realise the reaction this is getting, and if they do whether they care? Do they think their brand is big enough that it won't impact them too much? If they're not careful they're going to end up going too far and staining their brand more than even they are comfortable with

I also think the use of the phrase 'lets' pretend you didn't say that' makes it feel particularly bad - it feels incredibly condescending! Why couldn't they just say their filters block certain words and ask you to choose another one? It sounds like they're telling a small child not to say a bad word.


Not good not good. Nobody's allowed to share a Coke with Dick, either :(

Grace Lee

Hi Phil - it looks like they no longer have the option to share a virtual can.

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