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July 03, 2014


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John Royce

Nice article, Phil. As you have suggested, this just cannot work. I'm betting that, by the end of the month, there's a search engine which specialises in pages which Google no longer links to (directly).

Thank you for the tip about reversing name order!!

But I'm not getting the same results as you, quotes and no quotes. And it is just as puzzling: a search on google.co.uk for [Mario Costeja González] without quotes gets the warning message, and so does a search for ["Mario Costeja González"].

And where it gets really interesting: the search for the name without the quotes claims "About 36,300 results" while the search for the name inside quotation marks, which should result in fewer hits (?) because the search is narrower actually gives me "About 249,000 results."

It's almost the same with google.com : 36,300 results without quotes, but 270,000 hits with quotation marks.

"Curiouser and curiouser"?

Simon Chamberlain

Yeah, good article. I'm seeing the same results as you - no warning for [Phil Bradley], warning for ["Phil Bradley"]. Same for Dougie McDonald with or without quotes.

Jay Manning

Nice detective work illustrating why "right to be forgotten" is a complete farce. I particularly like the point about Google's reporting on the removals resulting in a catch-22 of sorts. Admittedly, I haven't read the court proceedings, but surely in their defense of having to comply with this idiotic legislation, Google's legal team pointed out the technical issues? Allegedly they're pretty smart at Google, so I find difficult to believe they would be shocked by these "glitches". My thought would be instead of spending time analyzing the technical problems with compliance, let's psychoanalyze the clueless folks who actually think it's possible to have information about themselves removed from the Internet by blocking links on Google. IMHO, that's the real story here.

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