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November 12, 2015


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Christopher Pipe

Entirely agree libraries (and in many cases museums and archives too) have to be improved through greater investment. Cuts have already gone so far that the service is not fit for purpose. Birmingham news has mostly been about opening hours, but look at the services they've mauled. Barnet's more or less abaondoned any pretence at running an accessible library service. Norfolk's flagship library could be in for big cuts next year & the service is already desperately short of professional staff, stock fund etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Why does Cameron's government inflict this on us all, when it's so inefficient? Next, wWill they be asking each household to employ its own roadmenders, police, soldiers etc.?

Anne Robinson

Hear, hear!

I am devastated to see what is happening to the profession that I loved.

Anne Robinson, School Librarian (retired), SLA School Librarian of the Year 2005.

Martin White

I totally support Phil's analysis. By now CILIP should have had a "war room" with details of every public library in the country, numbers of users, budget by year for books and other media, etc. After all it should have at least one member in every library who could be reporting in to HQ.

Members should be engaged in the same way that the Met Office has set up Weather Watchers. Why no CILIP app that enables members to report in on what they see going on. Why no comments in the CILIP letter from library users? My local library here in Horsham is superb - but I have no CILIP mechanism to report this. Votes at AGMs on volunteer library staff will achieve nothing. This is a fundamental public service and we need to get the public supporting us, not writing polite 'safe' letters to politicians.

Charles Oppenheim

I agree with all that has been said, and like what Martin is suggesting. Could be used not just for reporting facts but also anecdotes from library staff, users, etc. "War room" is an appropriate term. War is being waged on our public library system and the response should be equally aggressive. Very disappointed with CILIP's response so far.


After CILIP's poor show in defending Moray Library service last year I've given up on them as an organisation worthy of support. Compared to the likes of the RCN and BMA they do not look after the interests of their members nor the profession as a whole.

Tina Clements

CILIP helped in the process of de professionalising libraries and now they are rolling over as the library service is totally de-constructed. Here in Cornwall the latest decision to pass libraries into the hands of town councils and volunteers just sounds the death knell for libraries in this part of the country.

Susan Merrick

I think there is a lot to be learned from the active lobbying in the US of the American Library Association.

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