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January 26, 2016


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Frances Hendrix

Well Phil, you and I haven't always agreed, and some strong words have passed between us in the past. But you have hit the button on the head with this post. You have spotted the absurd, woolly, pathetic and ludicrous statements and lack of action by SCL.It really is quite shocking. Do they have guaranteed contracts that should their library service be devastated, as in Lancashire etc.,they will retain their senior positions in local government and also their salaries and benefits? Why not be paid by the borrower, that might galvanise them.

I am also cheesed off by comments of Mr Blantern and co; he seems to know little or anything at all about the long years of work so many of us have done to bring our library service into the 21 Century. I have 50 years experience in libraries and was heavily involved in projects such as AACR, machine readable cataloguing, then the wide use of MARC, in automated Inter-lending,in many many conferences, many research reports, including for the (2 different) ministers of DCMS, and so on. I, and many colleagues worked our butts off to improve public libraries. AND this work was supported by some truly superb Chief Librarians in almost all the libraries authorities across the country. LASER (for instance, you will know this term, Mr Blantern wont) did many ground breaking projects to improve and develop automation in libraries. Such as working with Lord Matthew Evans on the Public Library Network, working with JISC, getting numerous grants for research form the EU, and so much more. In ALL these projects and all this work, most of the Chief Librarians were not only supportive but active!! WE would not be where we were 2 years ago without their endeavours, hard work, support and courage.Too many to mention by name, but did include to large extent, Birmingham and John Dolan, Essex, ALL The London Boroughs, Kent,Newcastle, Somerset,Bedfordshire,Lancashire etc etc etc ALL got involved in projects and work to improve public libraries. And now, 'its more than our jobs worth'!

Regarding the signing of the protest, I have emailed ALL my friends and acquaintances and the majority have signed, so this will add to the total. I suggest everyone does the same!!!


Barry George MBE

As usual, Frances hits the nail on the head in supporting this blog and I am saddened by the response of SCL. Having been a chief librarian for over 20 years before retiring in 2010 and served as a regional rep. on the SCL executive I just despair at the lack of real leadership, enthusiasm and commitment of SCL in the present atmosphere of attack on the public library service.

Frank Daniels

Members of the SCL don't just fail to support the CILIP campaign; they fail to support the profession of librarianship. They take everything possible from the profession and give nothing back when it matters, as it does right now. I tried to say something along these lines to a previous CEO of CILIP, whose job it was to moniter and deal with such matters, but to no avail, as you yourself may well recall, since I informed you about it. Frances Hendrix gives a very, very correct analysis. Will you publish my comment too?

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