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January 11, 2016


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Aww, I signed it. It has 7823 signatures now.
Sometimes you just have to use the word f-word, that's life. Lucky you didn't use the c-word, oh you did, CILIP.

Margaret Jones

Thanks for getting angry about this. I'm a librarian and had completely missed this petition. After seeing your post, I rushed to sign it. Many thanks!

Sue Taylor

What is pathetic is that people are more upset by expressive language than by the threat to libraries. Fuck is just short for I'm very angry and frustrated.
I have put the poster up in the library I manage (and signed petition, put on Facebook etc) but tomorrow I will try very hard to remember to have a play witht the photocopier and do some handouts too.

Kathy Dempsey

I'm with you, Phil. You have a right to be mad as hell.
It infuriates me when people can't take 2 minutes to support libraries. But that is, in part I believe, because too many people don't understand what libraries and librarians do for them. They think "books" instead of thinking of how librarians fight for copyright protection, privacy, personal security, the spread of useful technology, and much more. Strong libraries support free, literate, democratic societies. People ignore them at their own peril.
Even though I'm in the US, I'll share the petition on my professional Facebook page and my blog for all my UK followers.

Hugh Paton

I'm not in CILIP and don't work in libraries any more, so it was the fact that I still read Ian Anstice's website that led me to this. I'm not uninterested in libraries and their fate, so I'd suggest CILIP pull out their collective finger and publicise things like this petition better. I signed it of course.

Three cheers to Phil for getting angry and making it obvious - a bit of well-placed 'vile' language helping to make the point.

Dilys - sorry, time to grow up!

John Smith

The petition is a good petition, but is fatally flawed as CILIP have put it ON THE WRONG PETITION WEBSITE. You said:

"That's 52,000 people, which is half way to getting the thing debated in Parliament."

Incorrect. As regularly comes up, Parliament will ONLY consider debating petitions originating from the petition.parliament.uk website. Those on change.org and other places are not considered. No use ranting, babs; CILIP should have done some basic research (!) and discovered this.


Putting this petition on the change.org website is useless, even if it got for example half a million signatures - it would still be ignored. I'm not signing, as the only effect will be to give my details to change.org. If CILIP actually did this right and put it on the aforementioned petition.parliament.uk website then I would gladly sign it (as I've done other petitions on there) and urge others in my network to do so.


Public libraries are part of a civilised world. Support civilisation, support libraries!

Wendy Miller-Williams

So pleased I found this, Phil, I was beginning to think it was just me who was bothered about the lack of visibility of the campaign and lack of signatures! It's so frustrating and yes, tragic, I'm almost tempted to swear myself... ;)

This morning I emailed my local authority to urge them to promote it (as it hasn't received a single mention, anywhere, let alone on social media sites etc) together with surrounding authorities. Found good old Leon's blog bemoaning the SCL stance, rightly so, it's really pathetic and then found the link to your blog feed. Just how do we get this trending and viral?!

What's the best sound bite to get the public to sit up and realise this is so crucial? Library Friends groups here have to sign a constitution that prevents them campaigning, staff have their hands tied likewise, those who haven't been made redundant ... most of those left are not CILIP members and don't even know there is a campaign! And the public are largely unaware of the depressing and dreadful hollowing out of the service that is going on - no need to consult on internal changes, so they can sack most of the qualified staff, abolish Enquiry Centres, newspapers, periodicals, CDs and cut the book fund to the bone, year on year, without telling a soul. The public meetings are littered with 'vibrant', 'innovative', 'resilient', 'responsive' & 'modernising', all of which amount to what? Whitewash at best.

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