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April 07, 2016


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Bill Ray

I rather enjoy posting messages to that inbox - when I find people I used to know I sometimes send them a long, rambling, message while I'm bored.

So far I've only had one person reply, more than a year after I sent them a message, but I like idea that my missives might be uncovered in the years to come.

Charles Oppenheim

Done it! And yes, several dozen messages I didn't know about were there. Amongst some irrelevancies, there are three messages that I am really embarrassed about, where people will think I was rude not to have responded. But I just don't get FB. Why filter some obviously genuine messages?

Cheryl Niemeier

I don't even see the More drop-down option in my messages on my Facebook site. I rarely use the old messages anyway because I prefer the FB messenger app.

Phil Bradley

Cheryl - I suspect that you're still going to find that Facebook has put messages in there - I found some going back 7 years, so it might be worth trying to locate it.

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